Notice of CBP Examinations

October 2013 Customs Broker License Examination

Summary: This notice announces that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will conduct the Customs Broker License Examination on Monday, October 7, 2013. The examination will be given at various locations. Contact your local CBP service port for more details. The purpose of the examination, as authorized by 19 CFR 111.13(a), is to "determine the individual's knowledge of Customs and related laws, regulations and procedures, bookkeeping, accounting, and all other appropriate matters, necessary to render valuable service to importers and exporters."

Applicants for the Customs Broker License Examination must be U.S. citizens, age 18 and not employed by the federal government at the time of the examination date of October 7, 2013.

  • The Customs Broker License Examination consists of 80 multiple-choice questions. A score of 75 percent is required to pass. The examination lasts 4.5 hours. Exam topics typically include: Entry, Classification, Country of Origin, Trade Agreements, Antidumping/Countervailing Duty, Value, Broker Responsibilities, FP&F, Protests, Marking, Prohibited and Restricted Merchandise, Drawback, Intellectual Property Rights, and other subjects pertinent to a broker's duties.
  • Applicants should bring the materials referenced below and any other desired reference materials to the examination. The use of any versions of the listed references other than those recommended is at the applicant's own risk.
      -- Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (2013 version, NO Supplements)
      -- Title 19, Code of Federal Regulations (revised as of April 1, 2013 Parts 0 to End)
      -- Customs and Trade Automated Interface Requirements (CATAIR)
      -- Instructions for Preparation of CBP Form 7501 (7-24-2012)
      -- Right to Make Entry Directive 3530-002A

Applicants must provide their own reference materials.

Registration guidelines for the October 2013 exam will be announced in the future. Please monitor this website for additional information.


Required Materials for the Exam

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